Soul Food #16: Tunnel Vision — The Bellezza Corner

<a href="”> Ciao ciao! Sometimes it feels impossible to just focus on yourself with the influence of others all around us. Well, I’ve been viewing this as a major test— keeping my tunnel vision and keeping my positivity no matter who or… The post Soul Food #16: Tunnel Vision appeared first on The Bellezza Corner. via… Read More

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tinas-belcher: everyone: damn, it sucks that summer is ending me: via tinas-belcher: everyone: At time there is something funny in our lives me:  — Wasn’t That A Funny Day?

Baker boy

Film Title The Fabulous Baker Boys Director Steve Kloves Starring Michelle Pfeiffer as Susie Diamond Jeff Bridges as Jack Baker Beau Bridges as Frank Baker An enchanting comedy-drama of music, family and dreams, The Fabulous Baker Boys provides laughs and pathos with a fine trio of central performances by Jeff and Beau Bridges, and especially […]… Read More

Tree-like installations made with unraveled rope by Janaina Mello Landini — e MORFES

Brazil-based artist Janaina Mello Landini creates tree-like installations made with long sections of unraveled rope carefully pinned to the walls of galleries. Her artistic output encompasses her knowledge of architecture, physics and mathematics and her observations about time, to weave her worldview. Her work transits between different scales – from the object to public spaces.… Read More

Can we all just agree that basket bags are one of the best trends happening right now? They’re fun and retro — totally reminiscent— and can transform anyone into a total 60’s babe. Plus, they’re literally everywhere right now, which made rounding up our favorite neutral bags for sells… via Our Favorite Neutral Bags for… Read More