Beauty exists not in what we look like But in who we truly are Beauty is in our actions Our empathy Our understanding of each other Beauty exists in the selfless The people who take a moment To show kindness to someone in pain This makes someone beautiful Not the outer layer, the skin Beauty… Read More

Soul Food #16: Tunnel Vision — The Bellezza Corner

<a href="”> Ciao ciao! Sometimes it feels impossible to just focus on yourself with the influence of others all around us. Well, I’ve been viewing this as a major test— keeping my tunnel vision and keeping my positivity no matter who or… The post Soul Food #16: Tunnel Vision appeared first on The Bellezza Corner. via… Read More

How to Career Path Employees Who Don’t Want Upward Mobility — Your Career Success Blog

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of career pathing and how it helps with employee engagement, and as a strategy in succession planning. It’s the way to identify high potentials and filling leadership positions that open up as Baby Boomers leave the organization. But, I also mentioned that not everyone wants to move up the […]… Read More