Quote relaxazation

“I believe that if you truly understand the importance of relaxation, you will make time for it in your schedule.” — Gudjon Bergmann * * * Morning Break — Photo by Mary O’Connor © 2017Filed under: Book, Happiness, Joy, Life Is Full of Sweet Spots, Mary O’Connor, Musings, pets, Photography, quotations, Sweet Spots Tagged: Gudjon… efeufuoma.blog/2017/11/16/6187/”>Relax… Read More

Unexpected paths

A common question usually asked on a Monday morning, and the perfunctory answer is usually something along the lines of, “Great,” “Good,” “Fine,” or “didn’t do much; stayed in the house and chilled.” I remember running this gauntlet Monday mornings at work. Truth be told, I live a reasonably uneventful life, and now that I […]… Read More


I was scrolling through images on google to get a quote to share for this weeks’s Writer’s quote/poem Wednesday, when I came across the above words by Victor Hugo. I literally said out loud- This is beautiful. I had intended to share a quote by Robert Browning as his poem is my pick of the […]… Read More