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? Digital currency is growing in popularity quicker than anyone could have ever anticipated; sorry paper currency! However, in order for the digital currency to truly give it a knock out blow akin to Ivan Drago on Apollo Creed circa Rocky 4, it’s going to need…

You can’t imagine

Blaming yourself sometime I supposed to do this werase you are doing that even giving yourself time table to follow as a regular routine weras some thing like a upstacles making you blaming yourself , what you hot not to do u became Full of blaming yourself so that you

Buety of act drawing.

beauty of act drawing via Kion– color — SpencerRanch</

Kion– color

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Field Notes: CMS Africa Summit — The creative business Suite

Originally posted on The Blog: Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do in the community. This year’s CMS Africa Summit was my third attendance at this amazing conference. My colleagues

You can be blame for what you do not know sometime You can be blame for what you do not know sometime  it may be you right weras  they  are roung or the third party  is roung or it can go the other way  round, but the right  thing at the  right  time is better.

Is Artificial intelligence a threat? — Useful Engineering

Maybe you have watched one of those science fiction movies : I, robot,The terminator, etc, Is the artificial intelligence a threat for human being? let’s read neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris point of view:”It’s really a failure to detect a certain kind of danger.I’m going to describe a scenario how

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