Part of story to tell.

I can recollect when I lost #10000 naira the main cash put in an envelope to give my senior siblings when in there school years I was relatively distraught of myself and my activity also . In all actuality am filling in as a security well don’t feel frustrated about it, It has past you also can simply have story to tell yet today I will recount this story, multi day I won’t overlook I need to consolidated my savvies of multi month pay or half year I can’t recollect that yet what I do recall my pay or my bring home for the month is simply #5000 naira. I figure ,what will I do now my senior siblings required this cash for there school, on the off chance that I ought to told my father that gave me this cash he will at present instructed me to give the cash, ho I conceptualize my mind for it , I need to give the cash definitely, yet is all I have, it torment me a lot,on the other hand my older folks siblings are content with my choice. I. search for the cash by then what truly happen is that I close from work I feel each tire from night move it was the point at which I enter the transport said Joseph I sat down I wound up rested of it was the point at which I needed to get down I feel my pocket was vacant ho I shaw ted what is happening my money,how come is blending it will be around 2003 to 2004 I trusted statement Joseph to reveal to you reality I sobbed poor me and little winning what will I do ,and in what manner will day comprehend the circumstance right now . At time like this I required a help from somebody yet I can’t fine any.

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